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Eternity Travel Ltd
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Eternity Travel is one of the best leading Incoming travel agencies in Israel.

We have always been the leading agent in different markets for new ideas, new itineraries and definitely new creations Our mission is to bring pilgrims and tourists from all over the world to the holy land to witness a journey of a lifetime. Our professional team starting with our Sales Department and Ending with our Tour operators department are of many years of experience in the field of tourism. Our team accompanies you since the start till the ending of the trip covering all the needs of the people and most important taking care of every detail to fulfill your pilgrimage. We hand lead you from the first minute till the last minute.

Eternity Travel is a united company of the three religions together, which helps deepen our knowledge to tailor your requested itinerary according to the type and size of the group. Our good reputation of providing services starting with busses, guides, drivers, hotels is the best proof that together with Eternity Travel the people will never forget their pilgrimage and will definitely return for more.